Christopher's Chandelier Conservation

Christopher’s Chandelier Conservation

Nothing is as elegant and revealing of a property as a glimmering chandelier or wall sconce. The combination of modern atmospheric elements ranging from dust to environmental exposure can slowly soil and erode the impressive ambiance and lighting output of any grand fixture. The loss and damage over time of ornamental elements such as crystals prisms, spears, pendalogues, faceted balls, beads and bobeches further contribute to the deterioration of your valued interior investment.

With decades of experience in fine antiquities and unique architectural items, I remain passionate about the cleaning and conservation of fine chandeliers. I enjoy serving both residential and commercial projects. There is no better solution than patient meticulous hand polishing that lasts for five to seven years.

As an artisan service, I do so much more than mere janitorial or window cleaning novelists. I personally perform all work and am available for 24/7 service to safely accommodate the work site traffic as I concentrate on the intricate project details. I conduct a laser refraction examination for optimal lighting results.

I am experienced and insured and offer free project estimates and current market value appraisals. I perform extensive detailed non-chemical and odor-free cleaning with special cotton cloth, swabs, white gloves, special tools and artist brushes. I source parts and crystal replacements and include tightening, balancing, proper new bulbs, minor repairs, bulb sleeves, basic wiring inspection, shade replacement, shade cleaning and more. Perfection is my goal.

Christopher’s Chandelier Conservation is an exclusive specialty service offering of the Cleveland Go to Guy at

Site Preparation Information

1) A large premises access door for safe load in is helpful.

2) Pets and children must be secured away from the work zone.

3) On site restroom access must be granted.

4) Electrical, water and drain sources must be made available.

5) Client will disclose any prior known history or defects to CCC.

6) Please remove or cover any fine art from the
work area. There will be no spraying, chemicals, or fumes.

7) CCC will replace any light bulbs if made available by the client at the time of service.

8) CCC cannot use drop cloths or floor covering as they are a safety risk. Ladder has rubber floor guards. CCC cannot remove or cover shoes when working on a ladder.

9) The fixture in most cases will be serviced in an off and cold position. CCC will erect external LED work lighting. A nearby electrical outlet is needed.

10) CCC will provide heavy safety pads directly under the fixture while it is being serviced. Dining tables will be covered.

11) CCC does not play any music or conduct phone calls when working. Concentration delivers the best results.

12) The amount of time for project completion is an estimate only. It may vary based on findings and unforeseen circumstances.


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